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It is planned for several peaceful & dignified walks to City Hall on tomorrow the 22nd of May 2011 from various meeting points. They are as follows. East Belfast will meet at the Con Club, leaving at 12 Mid-day. Greater Shankill will meet at The Memorial…Read More

Protest 22nd Mat 2011

Shankill Mirror has been advised that because of the Ministry of Defence not allowing our Soldiers a homecoming Parade on the 22nd March that the community of East Belfast will be holding a peaceful protest on the 22nd May @ 12 noon FROM East Belfast Con Club…Read More

MOD have said no to homecoming Parade

Unfortunately it has been confirmed that the Ministry of Defence has declined the invitation extended by Belfast City Council to hold a homecoming parade for our troops in the city. This is particularly disappointing for our Councillors who had put forward…Read More

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Homecoming Parades are to be held in Enniskillen on 20th May, Lisburn on 21st May and Belfast the 22nd May. Thank you to all 25,000 + members who joined the cause.

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Due to the Shankill Mirror campaign the MOD have just announced a number of Homecoming parades to take place in May - more details to follow .
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