Poor despite prosperity

Poor despite prosperity She is also moving steadily towards the poverty line? Then you have to have children. "This entry Gitta Edelman takes over 2007 the increasing child poverty in Germany in the view. "How many families that do not make it without help…Read More

Child poverty in Germany © German Child Protection Association eV 2010

Germany is home to over 2.5 million children in low income. This represents about 18.7 percent of all persons under 18. The extent of child poverty has doubled here in the last five years almost. More information on the definition and extent of poverty here.…Read More

"This company makes children grow up in poverty"

Interview : - Poverty, that means not only hunger. Just this country, poverty appears more often in neglect, social exclusion and lack of educational opportunities than in famine. Children are particularly affected by the defect and the stigma of "failure"…Read More

Child poverty in Germany: Known, but not controlled

Social - Terrifying: 2.25 million children in Germany are poor. Poverty is not only hunger, but also worse health and social exclusion. by Maike Friend There are children who know no tomatoes. Or broccoli. Or fungi. The home-cooked meal patterns skeptical…Read More
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