30th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Hunger Strike

Today, let us all please remember these men and the unparalleled strength, love and courage they possesed and all the sacrificed that their country and people could be free. I gcás gach anam na hÉireann atá caite, i láthair agus sa todhchaí. Gan bhriseadh,…Read More

The Cause is Not About Political Prisoner Status Alone

We Refuse To Lay Here In Dishonour We Are Not Criminals But Irish Men This Is The Crime We Stand Accused This is The Death I Should Have Asked For If God Had Given Me The Choice Of All Deaths To Die A Soldiers Death For Ireland And For Freedom. ~ Bobby…Read More

Proposal to Join Efforts with a Similar Group

Hi all, I hope your holidays are grand so far and continue to be so. There is a page called "United Independent Hunger Strike Commemoration" whose members have worked throughout the year to set up the primary Commemoration - which did not interfere with…Read More

Greetings Everyone

Hi and welcome to all 438 of you ! I thank you very much for joining this cause. We hope that a proper commemoration for these true Irish patriots can be formed, if not to replace whatever Gerry Adams may have in the works to exploit their sacrifices and…Read More
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