is being made because of our belief that every war has an end.

A lot of you have been asking about the feature film. When’s it coming out? Where can you see it? How can you help?

Here’s the update. Over the last three years, Laren, Jason, and Bobby have captured over 1,000 hours of footage. Right now they’re getting started on pulling it together for the feature film, and we’re looking for grants to help fund this massive project.

Enter the Facebook Giving Challenge.

Each day the Facebook cause that has the most people donate will win $1,000. At the end of the campaign, the cause that has the most people donate (not necessarily the most money) will get a $50,000 grant from Facebook. If you've already joined our original cause, thank you. However, the Giving Challenge only counts causes started after it went live. So, we're asking you to join another...and donate. After this is all said and done, this cause will be merged with our original. Got that?

You can donate as many times as you want and as much as you’d like, but each person will only be counted once in the final tally. (While donating a dollar every day is a lovely gesture, it won’t help us win the final grant. So as crazy as it sounds, it’s not the amount that matters.)

What you can do…
1) Donate.
2) Get your friends and family to join the campaign. Message them. Post on their wall. Send an invite from our causes page. Just pass it along.

So donate, invite, and check back in a few weeks. The end of the campaign is January 31st.

We’re gonna win this.

1. To raise funds for Invisible Children's Feature Film.