Help Save This Pearl Harbor Battle Site

Dec. 7 Battlesite Where Marines Died To Become State Highway and Industrial
Area in 2011

The December 7, 1941 Battlesite where the attached photos were taken will be
transferred by the US Navy in early 2011 to the City of Honolulu and the
State of Hawaii for a highway and industrial area.

The US Navy has repeatedly refused to allow a National Park Service
Battlefield Survey or any Federal Section 106 process, normally done for all
historic properties on federally owned US taxpayer land- land owned by the
people of the United States. Only at MCAS Ewa is Federal historic
preservation statutes being completely ignored and overruled by the Navy.

The Hawaii State agency, HCDA, taking over the area, has vowed to run a road
directly through the middle of the site shown in the photo- because the US
Navy has told them the site has "no historic value" and there is no reason
to protect the area from developer bulldozers. A road could easily be routed
AROUND the battlesite, but HCDA wants it directly through the center,
apparently for their own pleasure in seeing the historic Dec. 7 site

Why is official US Marine Corps history, which describes some of the
December 7 action at Ewa Field (below) been totally ignored by the US Navy?
What has happened to the US Marine ethic of "No One Gets Left Behind" and
"Semper Fi"? Are these concepts now so empty and meaningless today that
money in certain pockets trumps honor and respect? Yes, today there is only
MONEY in the right hands, and even the National Park Service in Hawaii must
dance to this tune.

The National Park Service marker for the Ewa Field battlesite is far away at
a Navy Golf Course, an area that was not part of the 1941 Ewa airfield. WHY
is it there? Because the development agenda of the US Navy and the
subservient National Park Service want people to THINK they are honoring the
Ewa Field battle when they really aren't. What they are honoring is a 100%
development agenda and entirely wiping away the actual remaining evidence of
the Dec. 7 USMC battlesite.

All the other major Dec. 7 battlesites on Oahu are Historic Districts and
National Landmarks, but NOT Ewa Field. Professional recommendations for
these actions at MCAS Ewa Field in the
1997 Base Re-Alignment and Closure documents were completely ignored by the
US Navy.
They do not want ANY historic battlefield preservation- only a tiny marker
at a golf course.
Pay off the right people and that is all that matters. That's "The United
States of America" today...

From US Marine Corps history-

"...Turnage, however, was by no means the only Marine using his weapon to
good effect. Master Sergeant Peters and Private Turner, from their
improvised position in the lamed SBD, had let fly at whatever Vals came
within range of their gun. The two Marines shot down what witnesses thought
were at least two of the attacking planes and discouraged strafing in that
area of the station. However, the Japanese soon tired of the tenacious
bravery of the grizzled veteran and the young clerk, neither of whom
flinched in the face of repeated strafing. Two particular enemy pilots
repeatedly peppered the grounded Dauntless with 7.7-millimeter fire,
ultimately scoring hits near the cockpit area and wounding both men. Turner
toppled from the wing, mortally wounded..."

The Attached Photos Tell The Story- that the US Navy wants forever wiped
out, just so a few people can pocket some money! Is this honoring "No One
Left behind" and "Semper Fi"?

John Bond
Save Ewa Field

1. Jack Cunningham