We need 100000 euro for a liver transplant

"Money does not bring happiness" but in our case not only happiness, but even a child's life depends on a huge amount of money. Our Angel, Robert, is the one who needs a liver transplant. He is fighting to stay with us, who in 9 months since he was born, went through two surgeries, four general anesthesia and pain that can hardly bear even an adult.This wonderfull baby was born with a malformation of the bile ducts which in time develop cirrhosis.
We can not imagine the life without his roguish smile and without his large, bright and lively eyes. We enjoy and cherish every moment that Robert is allright, we smile and live only for him.
Robert's life depends of 100,000 euros, money that are needed for the transplant surgery in Belgium.
You, people with big heart, you've saved so many souls, you've returned lives when nobody thought that life can be ... we also hope and believe that thanks to you little Robert will remain an angel here on Earth, with those who love him so much.
No matter how small and insignificant it may seem, for the life of Robert does it matter.

This is just a small part of the story of our son, Robert Andrei. We contact you with confidence and hope that we will receive a response from you. Thank you!

You can make donations in the accounts opened by us as follows:
BRD Bank
branch: Poitiers Iasi, Romania
Holder: Andronic Robert Andrei
RON: RO87BRDE240SV70549232400;
EURO: RO64BRDE240SV70631172400;
USD: RO16BRDE240SV70632132400

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