Update for end of 2010

Dear fellow supporters, We are finishing 2010 with 6,200 members, the largest Assange group on Causes. The nominations for 2010 are closed. The voting actually happens July - August: http://www.australianoftheyear.org.au/pages/page558.asp Please remain as…Read More

Cause membership

We require 1 more member to reach 1000 registered for our cause

Our cause reaches 300 members

Our cause reaches 300 members! Well done on the recruiting!

Get Up campaign - Can you chip in to buy US newspaper ads to publish your statement?

If we raise $50,000 together, we can buy a full-page ad in The Washington Times - the paper that called for Assange to be killed. $120,000 means we could put an ad in the New York Times - one of the world's leading newspapers. Almost $100k raised…Read More

Our Cause Membership reaches 100

Thanks guys and recruit, recruit, recruit and nominate, nominate, nominate. Also have a read on our home page about what Jonathan Justin Shorley had to say when he nominated Julian: "I nominated him..This what I wrote in the Tell us about your nominee…Read More


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