Miracle Baby

Recently came to know when Harshita hospitalized for strep throat infection that their is Blood Clot that left during the surgery done in 2010 at children Hospital and her cardiologist Dr Yellen Boston Medical Center was upset by this because that may…Read More

Harshita showing her certificate

Harshita showing her one year completion certificate :) She has got admission into kinder garden School there.

A Short Update on Harshita

Had you been wondering how Harshita is doing all these days? Here is a short update- She has been through 5 surgeries till now- 2 major surgeries involving heart and veins, 1 dental surgery and 2 more. Apart from that, she had to be hospitalized multiple…Read More

Relax for 1 Month after 2 yeard due to all of you

Forth Surgery of Harsheeta After 2 Hour

Dear Friend , With God grace Harsheeta is going to have next surgery today after 2 Hr This Surgery is suppose to Extracted ill formed teeth in her mouth to save gaurd her Heart from the infection and will be performed under general anesthisia by Dr. Hues With…Read More


Dear Friend , Harsheeta harsheeta next surgerry planed by boston medical center and children hospital on 30 -31 august . please pray alot on these day right now she is not well we are going to hospital tommorrow morning to check up , I ealy want to wish…Read More

For Harshita Doctor Plan Two More Surgery Planned In This Month

Dear Friends , Very Hard to tell you that immediate requirement of heart surgery is required according to doctor Harshita right lung is working 47 % and heart conduit is block by 57% doctor want to see the lung & Heart more clearly they want to do…Read More
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