Rock 'n Renew uses art, music, science and technology to create community restoration projects that connect students education to service-based projects that grow food, native trees and plants.

Rock 'n Renew has worked with over 200,000 students since 2006 to create community projects that repair the local ecosystem while working to improve local food systems and other sustainability measures. This holiday season Rock 'n Renew is working to fund an additional 200 school garden programs which will help to feed over 55,000 students and their families while connecting students education to overall ecological restoration projects which will improve the local watershed and environment in cities throughout the U.S. Working with artists such as Debbie Harry, The Fountains Of Wayne, The Kaiser Chiefs, Everclear, and many more, Rock 'n Renew can continue to create exciting programs that inspire students to take action!

1. www.rocknrenew.com

2. Sustainable Food Systems

3. Rock 'n Renew has created over 40 urban farms and helped students at over 200 schools to create gardens for their communities.

4. Ecological Restoration

5. Environmental Education