A video made by Ken O'Keefe!

At the end of the video there is information about how to make donations directly to her family and help her with possible medical attention in Europe or elsewhere.

To make donations to to Areej’s family
go to Tuesday’s Child website at;

Make sure to specify her family name;
Grandfather of Areej; Khamees Banat

For English speaking contact in Gaza with Areej’s family,
please contact Yousef Hassan at;
00972599682365 or
[email protected]

Areej is a 4 year old girl from Sabra in Gaza. She is an orphan whose father was a killed by an Israeli bomb. She has a skin condition that is undiagnosed but worsened severely during the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2008-2009. Although it is inconclusive, Areej’s neighborhood was one of the worst hit by white phosphorus bombs, a blatant war crime as yet unpunished.

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