Enemmän asiallista tutkimusta ja ennakkoluulotonta kriittisyyttä

More quality and resources for scientific study of the paranormal! No to pseudo-skepticism and pseudoscience, yes to critical open-mindness!



1. Paranormal experiences are real and there may lay some real anomalies and unknown phenomena which change our world view more than any other thing in human history

2. In light of their known characteristics, ufos and paranormal phenomena earn serious investigation more broader and interdiscplinary basis than we have now

3. However, we have to recognize that at the same time this kind of phenomena are such challenge for the modern epistemology and scientific research that it make very difficult to explain them

4. In spite of (or maybe because of) that, modern peer-reviewed studies in the areas of parapsychology and ufology seems to have higher criterions than majority of sciences and still it has opposite imago

5. Investigation should be as good as possible, which means that we should use existing resources more efficient way and we need less pseudo-skeptical and religious, mostly even not peer-reviewed "studies".

6. Mainstream publicity should give more weight to real experts and less to various pseudo-skeptical and religious fools or even con men, who perform ungrounded claims in the name of science