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The Moringa Magic

The Moringa has some quite miraculous effects. Let us tell you what is so great about this plant:

100 grams of fresh Moringa leaves equals to:

- 7 times more vitamin C that 100 gr of Orange
- 4 times more vitamin A that 100 gr of Carot
- 2 times more proteins and 4 times more calcium that 100 gr of cow milk
- 3 times more iron that 100 gr of Spinach
- 3 times more potassium that 100 gr of Banana

and it tastes great!

Moringa is said to cure 300 deseases and purify water.

We believe Moringa could be the best way to fight the hunger crisis. It will certainly help Niger´s difficult situation this year.

Since years the ICRISAT* has been working on selecting the best productive natural seeds of this species. As they could provide us with seeds, our plants will produce 3 times more leaves than the usual ones.

Thanks to irrigation, those trees can produce leaves every two weeks.

Niger people are very found of Moringa leaves but there is very little production in the Dosso region.

Already 10 villages and schools in the area are ready to plant Moringa with our help.

That's enough to believe in the Moringa.

Our new Moringa price:

We are centering a large part of our efforts in the Moringa production. We believe that by lowering the price we will spread the high cost of irrigation over many little strong Moringas. Discover the new price in the Planting section and be part of the Moringa revolution in Niger!

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