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For Christmas offer a tree!

This Christmas, surprise your friends and family with a very special gift. Offer a gift that will create a long-lasting link between you and the person you are planting it for.

Plant a tree in order to compensate the millions of trees cut this winter to give a warmer and more decorative welcome to Santa.
Plant a tree to avoid the negative ecological impact caused by the millions of Christmas presents produced and shipped around the world.
Plant a tree to start compensating a friend's 2010 carbon footprint.
Or simply plant a tree as a beautiful gift along with a strong dose of love and emotion.
Whichever you chose, all reasons to plant a tree end up benefiting the planet and will certainly please your friends.

So let's plant trees this Christmas, for us and for our planet.

On behalf of the whole Tree-Nation team we would like to wish you Happy Holidays!

Your Tree-Nation team.

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