Pepsi Refresh Grant will fund the construction of a Memorial at the Combat Control School at Pope AFB, NC.

The Combat Control School is the first major step in becoming a Combat Controller. Graduates earn their RED BERET there, but from there they progress through another year of ADVANCED TRAINING. The Eye of the Storm memorial willl honor the sacrafices of previous combat controllers, be an inspiration for students and a center of excellence for serving & past combat controllers. In addition it will be a beacon, drawing visitors from far and wide. Some will be recruited and become potential students who will help continue the legend.

1. Combat Controllers have earned the right of recognition for 65-years service and sacrifice.

2. A War Memorial at the Combat Control School at Pope is a logical setting.

3. The CCT Memorial will become the iconic centerpiece for the CCT Museum.

4. The Eye of the Storm setting of three statues will form the moniument.

5. The Pespi Refresh is our last, best chance to fund the entire project.