CAUSE for stopping the use of Leather

CAUSE for stopping the use of Leather



Life is a great gift to all of us. It is such a precious gift that we must use it fruitfully and wisely. Word of wisdom from the great teachers enables us to transcend our mundane lives and dwell in a world of enlightenment, understanding and experience the oneness of all beings.

The plight of animals who share this planet with us is indeed astounding. Every day millions of animals are being slaughtered for leather. In that way leather is no different from Meat.
As part of our campaign against cruelty towards animals, we are urging people to STOP using LEATHER goods such as shoes, slippers, vanity bags, belts, purses, wallets, watch straps and so on. As you are aware, leather is obtained by killing animals such as cows by the most brutal ways causing unimaginable pain, trauma and suffering. LET US STOP THIS GORY BUSINESS FROM OUR SIDE. LET US AVOID THE BLOODY MASSACRE OF INNOCENT ANIMALS.

If you are using leather goods, kindly ensure that you switch over to non leather goods henceforth. Kindly ensure that you and your family members use only plastic/rubber/canvas/synthetic shoes/slippers, bags, belts etc In fact, all these synthetic materials are available in a variety of rich colors, materials and textures and are inexpensive too. To switch over to non leather goods, you do not have to sacrifice anything. Just go and buy a new synthetic bag or purse or a pair of shoes/slippers.

Please extend your kind support to this cause by pledging that you will not be using leather goods anymore. We will use your pledge to spread this message amongst people and in schools to ban the use of leather. (Some schools in Chennai have already banned leather shoes.) We would like this to be a mass movement and we request your kind support and cooperation. Let us drive out this evil practice that has somehow crept into our lives.

Let us not be just passive spectators to all this atrocities on innocent animals. It is indeed a crime to be silent. Let us do something. Let us give our voice to these voiceless animals.

Please pledge today that you will NEVER use leather products in your life. That way you will be saving the screams of many hapless animals.

Please Join the FaceBook Page : Stop Using Leather Products, Save the Cow and Other Animals (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-Using-Leather-Products-Save-the-Cow-and-Other-Animals/136531529734080?ref=ts)

1. An Initiative by Dr. K. Varadarangan, Bangalore

2. This FaceBook Cause is founded on 4th December 2010