3:05 am

Well Dom its 3:05 am. I can not sleep. My mind is racing. Even though I think of you from even before I open my eyes till I fall alseep some days and nights are harder than others. I am trying to figure out how to do this without you. You and Sis are my life.…Read More

New Year 2011

Even though it may be safe to say or maybe even expected that 2009 should be listed as the worst year in my life, that is not entirely true. To tell eveyone the truth I dreaded 2009 ending and 2010 starting. You see 2009 was the last year I spent with my son.…Read More

Missing Dom For Christmas

I think that this year has been more tough on me than last year. I think I was in shock last year, alot of the holidays were a blur. I would be so anxiuos just waiting for the holidays to arrive just so I could get them over with. I did not want to let Sis…Read More

The error with the web page is corrected!! "12 days of Giving"

So Far the D.O. Believe Foundation has raised $696 for our first "12 Days of Giving". This is amazing to me, thank you I wish to keep on going, a cure for these children is very important to myself and many others. Since I am unable to give my son a load of…Read More

D.O. Believe first annual "12 days of Giving"

So the D.O. Believe first annual "12 days of Giving has raised $612 so far!!! Lets keep going to help find a cure!! Its Amazing what we can do when we all get together and pitch in, THANK YOU!!!! D.O. it for Dom!!! "Together we can put an end to children's…Read More
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