Horses deserve protection from neglect and cruelty


On Friday 4th January 2008 in Buckinghamshire, UK, officers from the RSPCA went to investigate a report of one dead horse. Instead they were horrified to find 32 dead horses. Three more were in such a terrible state that they were put down. A massive recovery operation followed with the I.L.P.H and Redwings Horse Sanctuary assisting the RSPCA in removing the remaining 80 survivors to places of safety where they can be assessed and given the medical and farriery treatment they urgently need.
This should never have been able to happen. Apparently they were being bred to be sent abroad for their meat. One person has been arrested- throw away they key, I say!

If you wish to donate to help these horses, contact Redwings Horse Sanctuary, the I.L.P.H or the R.S.P.C.A as we can only donate to American and Canadian charities through Facebook.

If you love horses, invite your friends to this cause and urge them to donate directly to the sanctuaries involved.

1. All horses and ponies should be treated with respect

2. Horses should not be transported for many hours in poor conditions to be slaughtered for meat

3. Everyone keeping horses should need a licence