On behalf of Bedfordshire BHS

Subject: Petition re Amersham horses I expect you may have heard of the recent court ruling which has decreed that 29 of the animals rescued from Spindles Farm in Amersham in January must be returned to the Gray family, four members of which are awaiting on…Read More

Jamie Gray of Spindles Farm to appear in court on Monday

Jamie Gray of Spindles Farm to appear in court on Monday The owner of Spindles Farm, Jamie Gray, is due to appear in Aylesbury Magistrates Court on Monday, 4 February, charged with assaulting a police constable and causing criminal damage. Gray was arrested…Read More

Please forward to your friends

Please invite your friends

Thia may not now be headline news but the horse charities still need help caring for these horses. Please recruit your friends and urge them to invite their friends. If they wish to donate to Redwings, ILPH, Blue Cross or RSPCA they can find the relevant…Read More


If you wish to donate to help these horses, contact Redwings Horse Sanctuary, the I.L.P.H or the R.S.P.C.A as you can only donate to American and Canadian charities through Facebook. Links are below.


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