Please help

Now that the surgery is over, Tim and Kendra are returning home and facing the reality of being way over their heads in debt. This has been financially devastating for them. Savings are gone, the restaurant has been closed, insurance payments are due. You can…Read More

Tim and Kendra

If you have thought about making a contribution, but haven't, may I suggest that now would be a good time to do it. Tim and Kendra are getting prepared for their journey to California for Tim's surgery. This will be an expensive trip..but it is totally…Read More

A note from Tim

As many of you may have noticed I rarely speak on the videos, most of the talking is done by Kendra. Part of that is due to the tumor, I often struggle with words and lose my train of thought quite easily. But, the bigger reason is fear. I struggle through…Read More

Tim and Kendra

Tim and Kendra will be in Arlington for evaluation on Tuesday. We should have a video update for everyone after that. It has been a long wait and they are enthusiastically ready to get behind them. The good news is that Kendra was able to get Tim included on…Read More


The good news is that Tim was approved to be added to my Cobra insurance, effective January 1st. We are still waiting on the insurance card to come in but we are happy that he has coverage. The bad news is that it costs $1000 a month for this insurance. Whew.…Read More

Tim and Kendra

My name is Casey Roberts and I am hosting this cause for my dear friends, Tim and Kendra. As we approach Christmas Day, I want to ask you to sit back, take a breath and think about what it must be like to be facing the crisis they are facing. Not only is it a…Read More
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