Give to ICC to help earthquake victims in Haiti...

The Hospital is Fine!

Grace Children's Hospital is standing!! Dr. Magloire, the ICC/Haiti National Director, was able to get there and found the children playing on the playground! There is some structural damage, but the hospital survived.


Harsh earthquake hits Haiti - you can help financially on the web:

You can donate through facebook now!

Hey all! Thanks for being a part of the ICC cause on facebook. It's been a long time coming trying to figure out why the app to donate was not working, but it looks like it's now up and running! (way to go mom - and I think rachel!) So if you'd like to make a…Read More


I figured out how to make one now! Alright...we're up and running! So go a head and make donations if you like. If not, that's ok too! I'm just excited to have ICC on here! This is good for awareness. If you want to you can check out the website at…Read More
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