GRN works to unite and empower people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf of Mexico for future generations.

The Gulf of Mexico is dying the death of a thousand cuts but the Gulf Restoration Network, or GRN, is fighting to help protect these embattled ecosystems and wetlands. The GRN's vision is that the Gulf of Mexico will continue to be a natural, economic, and recreational resource that is central to the culture and heritage of five states and three nations. To achieve this goal, the Gulf Restoration Network aids grassroots organizing while also pursuing aggressive advocacy and public education on issues vital to the continued health of the Gulf of Mexico. Join us in our fight to protect the Gulf Coast and its communities!

1. Wetlands - Protecting our natural storm defenses from reckless development, and advocating for the rebuilding of our coast.

2. Fisheries - Ensuring the sustainable management of the fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico

3. Healthy Waters - Protecting and restoring waters throughout the Gulf of Mexico that are critical to recreation, fisheries, wildlife habitat, and drin

4. Gulf Energy - Protecting the natural resources of the Gulf Region from the myriad effects and impacts of the oil & gas industry.

5. Save Our Cypress - A campaign to save our cypress forests from being clear-cut for cypress mulch.

6. Species At Risk - Safeguarding the habitat of threatened and endangered species throughout the Gulf region.