It was but a short time ago when I began the cause END ISLAM'S ABUSE OF CHRISTIANS and am delighted that our membership has now reached 1887 people who care about the issues the world faces and our membership grows larger every day. I have been blogging for over a year now, researching things none would have thought possible a few short years ago, but now our nation's political system is a shambles, the world's economy teeters on the edge of collapse, and events in the Middle East could worsen and trigger another major war.
It is to the end that I have built a forum, which has become a major data base on current events. I would ask that all who have joined this cause also join the forum A HOLOCAUST FOR THE 21st. CENTURY. That title is well chosen for that is a danger we face, and must avoid at all costs. We, the free people of the world, must come together with a common cause and form a major voting block to influence the type of future our descendants will live in. With people who have already joined and the membership in this cause we can begin with over 2000 people who can make the forum grow as has this cause. Before the 2012 elections we can amass such a group that our voices WILL be heard in Washington. Join us there and become a part of the change that must take place.
When you follow this link, the forum will request permissions that will enable it to have a list of your friends who you will then be able to invite to join. We as a free people with a free voice can alter the course this nation is on, but we can accomplish this only as a group that will not be silenced.

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