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Lebanon’s forest cover has decreased from 35% in 1965 to almost 13% in 2009. This has been attributed to several factors, one of which is forest fires. Reforestation and afforestation are considered as an important step towards increasing forest cover and supporting the ropagation of green cover in Lebanon, and alleviating existing pressures on degrading natural resources. Recognizing the importance and complexity of increasing Lebanon’s forest cover, reforestation and afforestation activities have been undertaken by different public and private institutions and organizations. However, more work is needed to be done to recover at least a small Percentage of what had been lost.

• we need forests to live
• low percentages of natural regeneration
• existing forests with low density of trees
• there are currently low percentages of existing forests

It is best to reforesT from December to early March, ensuring the growth of tree roots and the provision of enough water through rainfall.

• Before an area is reforested, an assessment happens first to determine what tree species is most suitable, depending on the area
• In Lebanon, most reforestation focuses on pine, however, biodiversity is encouraged
• A plan can be made to reforest an area with different species suitable to the forest eco-system and the socio-economic conditions of the area

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