The Freedom of Kashmiris from Subjugation

Kashmir is a lustrous valley region in the northern region of Pakistan with great associations with Afghanistan, Persia, Central Asia and the Arab World. Although predominantly Muslim, two-thirds of the country remains under indian occupation, with the remaining third a part of Pakistan. There is a disputed "line of control" (LOC), where the two countries have almost continuously engaged in cross-border attacks in the past few years.

A United Nations resolution in 1948 promised a plebiscite in which the people of Kashmir would be able to decide their own political fate. Although over 90 percent of Kashmiris seek independence from the savage Indians, this never happened.

According to figures by Human Rights Watch, there is one Indian soldier for every three Kashmiri citizens, making it the most policed region in the world. Amnesty International has further issued thousands of reports condemning the Indian Army for such egregious crimes as torture, rape and murder. To this day, there are over 200 000 orphans as a result of the indian armies terror campaign. The resolution passed 60 years ago has failed to execute itself, and thus the cries of Kashmiri women and children have fallen on deaf ears... UNTIL NOW

1. The right to Live

2. The feedom of ALL men, women and children of the land

3. The right to self governance and determination

4. The right to chose their own destiny fairly and under the supervison of the United Nations

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