Road Safety Club Inauguration in Post primary sschool

Catching them young and inculcating the knowledge of road safety surely will guarantee a future with lesser traffic related disasters, Road traffic crashes (RTC) and RTIs; road traffic injuries

Youth Safety Campaign

Pupils of Igbenedion Educational Centre, BC during a visit by the Edo State Road Safety Corps


Hey! It's been quite along time since I visited the cause. Been busy real, but I am BACK! Let's all get back on track and continue to promote this cause way we know how. I welcome you all back. Clement.

In the iinterest of the kids.

Still attention is drawn to the most vulnerable road users school kids and youths. Find out what the FRSC is doing in that direction.

Suport the cause "Support Road Safety in school curriculum"

Thank you all members of the cause. We are yet far from achieving our objectives, which certainly is not only to garner as much members as possible but also to create a positive impact in the schools, while trying to get the attention of the relevant…Read More

A Worthy Cause

I am so happy to note that the cause now boasts of 204 members. I congratulate all members, imploring them to strive hard, invite more friends. And above all take concrete actions yourselves to advocate and impact positively on young school kids around your…Read More
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