Time to Soar Conference

July 13-14th saw the Time to Soar Conference on women's ordination in the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). The conference was sponsored by St Stephen's Lutheran Church, from Adelaide, which did its best to advertise the conference with direct mailings to…Read More

Clergy Facebook Cause

Another Facebook Cause has begun especially for LCA clergy to discuss women's ordination. You may know supportive LCA clergy who would appreciate the networking. Kind regards Leigh…Read More

Aiming for 1000

Dear members, as I write we're on 899 members. Would you consider inviting LCA friends to join this Facebook Cause, so that we reach 1000 members before midyear? There's been quiet, solid growth these past few months, but not much coming from the…Read More

400! Thanks to all!

A big thankyou to everyone who has helped our cause grow to 400. When it comes to issues of privilege, power, justice... or lack thereof... those who are discriminated against are more easily discounted. Men therefore have an extra responsibility. I invite…Read More

We've reached 200!

A big thankyou to everyone for having signed up to our Cause, "Ordain Women in the Lutheran Church of Australia". We've grown to 200 in a couple of weeks. A special thanks to those people who have shared something of their experience with (or life as) women…Read More

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