Save Wild Tigers Across Their Range

Save the Tiger Fund (STF) and Panthera are proud to announce that we have joined together in the fight to save tigers in the wild. This new partnership is a union of two of the most influential tiger conservation groups and our goal is to carry out the most effective conservation activities to save wild tigers. The STF-Panthera partnership combines decades of experience and a track record of success in identifying conservation priorities, utilizing best practices, and implementing proven strategies to address the many challenges facing wild tigers today.

Save the Tiger Fund (STF) was established by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in 1995 to support the conservation of wild tigers. STF has invested significant resources in conservation projects dedicated to mitigating human-tiger conflict, protecting tiger habitat, researching tiger ecology and monitoring tiger populations, and educating and empowering local people.

Between 1995 and 2009, STF issued 336 grants totaling 17.3 million dollars across the 13 existing tiger range states. Today, STF has joined forces with Panthera to form a critical partnership to deploy strategically focused financial and technical resources in order to save tigers in the wild.