The cost in blood of your new gadget

The cost in blood of your new gadget ELIZABETH FLOCK December 31, 2010 As you try out your new Christmas-induced electronic gifts, you probably will not think about the minerals your new mobile phone, laptop or digital camera run on. But no matter which…Read More

Minerals that fuel digital items also finance war

By Elizabeth Flock Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, December 14, 2010 As you arm yourself with electronic gifts over the next few weeks, you probably won't think about the minerals your new cellphone, laptop or digital camera runs on. But no matter…Read More

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend ... except in Congo von Jo Bruce

As the present-buying season for Christmas is now upon us, let’s take a closer look at the provenance of some of those presents, and the real cost to those children who are forced into mining and trading of conflict-minerals. Diamond mining in Congo dates…Read More

Local voices must be heard

Make it Fair! Local voices must be heard - 13 October 2010 Electronic companies must increase efforts to support conflict free mineral trade in Eastern DR In the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), violent conflict between the Congolese army and…Read More

Stats & Facts on Child Labour in Mines and Quarries

Africa * Children are found working in mines West African countries, also in Tanzania and Zimbabwe * Children mine gold, diamond, chrome and tin, as well as quarry stones. * Sierra Leone is one of the diamond producing countries where economic interests was…Read More

Take Action! Help End Slavery in Congo Posted by Karen Stauss on October 27, 2010

Minerals that come from the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo turn up in electronics, in light bulbs, batteries and other everyday items. It would be hard to escape our connection to these items, and through them, our connection to slavery and conflict…Read More
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