Reminder Please Pass this Cause On!

WHO is on the LIST? Citizens the dhs considers a possible extremist/terrorist? -VETERANS high warning for who served in Iraq/Afghanistan -Christians - noted as "problematic" -Those who Stockpile food or supplies for Emergency -Those who oppose the current…Read More

The pdf file of the Lexicon

A pdf file of an earlier version of the domestic extremism Lexicon is up.. (in links) please do come and read if you can.. I still must get adobe.. but this link was given to me by a friend... please keep in mind that they add to this list very often. I try…Read More

Partiot Act Up for Extension in 5 acts! Lets Oppose! Stop the DHS abuses.

the ActS are up, for Extension again.. remember the Patriot act was supposed to be a temporary act granting temporary powers to the gov, the dhs, and others.. powers such as not needing a warrant to arrest or to go through YOUR home and not needing a warrant…Read More

Petition to stop the dhs from taking over the Net... see note!

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has come up with this petition! Please visit them and sign :) Here is what it says: To: President Barack Obama We petition that… Please support the Global Online Freedom Act, H.R. 2271, without any amendments that would hinder its…Read More

US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites

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