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There are election in Denmark in 15 days and I do what I can to focus on the Danish export of dioxin toxic salmon from the Baltic Sea. These salmon is so contaminated with dioxin that they can not be legally sold within the EU. These toxic salmon are sold to…Read More

We will not stop the export say's the Danish minister

By Morten Lund, Thursday 07th May 2009 at. 09:34 It may well be that we do not even want to eat dioxin contaminated salmon, but why we must not prevent other countries from doing so. Fairly such sounded Eva Kjer Hansen (V) position, after she in an open…Read More

It is now absolutely fine to export dioxin feed which is too toxic to be sold at home.

By Kent Krøyer, Wednesday 15th April 2009, at. 10:25 It is now absolutely fine to produce and export dioxin feed which is too toxic to be sold at home. It just has to happen outside the European community where this kind is strictly prohibited. The message…Read More

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Folketing Lovsekretariat Copenhagen, 29 April 2009 Ref.: 15959 parliament in a letter dated 22 April 2009 (Question S 2014) sought my answers to the following by Per Clausen (EL) asked questions: Q S 2014: "Does the Minister that it hangs together logically,…Read More

Cancer is a risk you must count with, if you eat danish dioxin Salmon-

Danish minister defend the export of polluted salmon to 3 World

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