BRTS in Hyderabad: Pre-feasibility Study by ITDP

Is the BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) not suitable for Hyderabad? Pro-metro rail lobbies will say so. Ever since the metro rail project came to the centre-stage, the proposals for BRTS, strengthening MMTS (local trains) phase-I and taking up of MMTS phase-II…Read More

Trouble on tracks - Metro to throw the city out of gear

This item in the Times of India exposes the murky nature of the Hyderabad metro rail project. It exposes, based on DPR, that the Secunderabad-Hi-Tec City corridor is "not feasible as a fully elevated corridor from engineering point of view due to steep…Read More

Huge boost to the struggle against elevated metro rail in Hyderabad

Dear all, The struggle against the elevated metro rail in Hyderabad received a huge boost yesterday. The struggle got the support of Shri K. Chandrasekhar Rao, popularly known as KCR, President of Telangana Rashtra Samithi. TRS is a party fighting for…Read More

AP Govt’s Penalty to L&T Crosses Rs.11 crore-7June2011

Dear all, I welcome all the new members who joined our Cause after my last Bulletin. Our fight to expose this elevated metro rail project is going on at various levels. We need your continuos support. AP Govt's penalty to L&T has crossed Rs. 11.5 crores…Read More

Press Release: Metro Rail-AP Government to Pay Penalty to L&T for not Handing Over Lands

Dear all, I welcome all the new members who joined this Cause after my last bulletin. We want to bring to your notice that Andhra Pradesh government is going to pay crores of rupees as penalty to L&T company for not handing over the lands and widening the…Read More

Press Release - Hyderabad Metro MD’s Ignorance of History

Dear all, I thank you all who joined this Cause since my last bulletin. I am giving below a link to the Press Statement we released today (30 April 2011). The MD of HMR has the audacity to say that the businesses at Sultan Bazar and Badi Chowdi began “only…Read More

Thousands of properties to be demolished for metro

Dear all, There has been some gap in my communicating to you due to several factors. I welcome and thank all the new members who joined this Cause since my last bulletin. We will try to keep you updated more in the coming days. I request you also to visit our…Read More
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