Je, Unataka Tanzania iendelee kuwa nchi isiyofungamana na dini yoyote?

  • Ndio (87% people answered this)
  • Hapana (9% people answered this)
  • Hapana, ila iwe na taasisi za kidini katika mfumo wa Serikali kama mahakama ya Kadhi (0% people answered this)
  • Hapana ila ijiunge na umoja wa nchi za kidini kama OIC au Catholic (3% people answered this)

64 people voted.

Pressurize for a new constitution for Tanzania. Dear Tanzanians and friends of Tanzania, As you might know we have a 1977 Constitution in place. This mother law has been amended more than 20 times. Worse still at this time of globalization our dear Constitution says we are socialists. It gives the President the power to establish and abolish any office at his pleasure, covers him with an absolute immunity not to be called accountable for any atrocities he/she causes during his/her power/reign. Moreover it denies us the power to challenge the victory of the Presidential candidate once announced as the winner! This is not palatable more so in this era where good governance is the way to go. Lets join our hands in unison and call for a people made new constitution, join this cause for change. YES ITS POSSIBLE! 1. The 1977 Constitution is old and no longer serve the interest of a multi party, capitalist Tanzania. 2. It gives huge powers to the President to decide anything. Even disregarding his own peoples' needs. 3. It has led to the establishment of impartial state institutions that serve the interests of few rich politicians, including; NEC, PCCB & the Judiciary

Piga kura yako sasa. Matokeo yatatumwa kwa Tume ya Mabadiliko ya Katiba.
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