Update on Surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee is in having the surgery right now and uncle Bob is in recovery or just getting out of recovery. Will keep everyone up to date on the situation.

New Kidney

On May 16th Renee will be getting her new kidney. Just wanted to wish her the best of luck and thank Uncle Bob again for everything. Speedy recovery my little sister.

Great News!!!!!!!

ATTENTION; My sister Renee would like to pass on a message! "My prayers have been answered!! I am having a kidney transplant May 16th! My Uncle Bob is my kidney donor! I am soooo blessed! I think my heart rate is just now going down since I found out! Uncle…Read More

Hello everyone

Just wanted to congratulate everyone we are now a cause of 760 people. WOW I didn't think it would get that big. I also wanted to thank everyone for caring for my sister and her son. She is still in need of a kidney donor. If you do not have an O blood type…Read More

Good day

I hope everyone's new year is going good. I wanted to remind everyone that Renee is still in need of a kidney donor! Even if you can't help get the word out to help support her and maybe some random friiend of a friend of a friend might be able to help. All…Read More

Happy New Year's!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday i would like to tell everyone thank you for supporting my sister, and happy to say we are over 500 supporters strong and growing. Please keep helping by getting the word out of Renee's fight for her life. Thanks…Read More

Hello everyone

Just wanted to say my sister had a good Christmas and thanks everyone for your support. I hope everyone had a great holiday and will enjoy New Years.
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