Riley's Place enriches the lives of children experiencing chronic or life threatening health problems and/or homelessness. Children interact with animals bringing them joy and healing.

Riley's Place is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children on the San Francisco Peninsula experiencing chronic or life threatening health problems and/or challenging family situations such as homelessness. The programs offered through Riley's Place encourage and facilitate children's interaction with animals, allowing them to experience the joy and healing that spending time with animals and enjoying and appreciating nature can bring.

Riley’s Place was founded in 2008 by a group of caring people from the local community in honor of a young lady named Riley Church who, at the age of 14 died of brain cancer in 2006 after a two-year battle. Riley’s love of nature and all animals - especially cats, dogs, horses, lambs and goats - shaped her joyful and compassionate spirit. When Riley was no longer able to ride horses and spend time with other animals, a group of friends brought a miniature horse to visit her at home. The visit brought healing, joy and fun to Riley, her family and friends and became the inspiration for Riley’s Place and the programs that would bring the same benefits to other children in need. The site-based program and the outreach program are free. Our mission is to serve children with chronic or life threatening illness, children who are homeless, or children who need opportunities to experience or appreciate the healthful benefits of interacting with animals and nature.

1. www.rileys-place.org