have the legal venue moved back to Alaska from Ohio, and to get her son back!

Irene Bedard is best known to audiences as the voice of the title character in Disney's animated feature Pocahontas (1995, with Mel Gibson).

With the courage to leave the abusive situation only months ago, she fled with her son Quinn to her home state of Alaska where she had family, employment and the support to heal. The failure of her Alaskan lawyer to protect her rights opened the door for her abusive husband to file 49 motions in the Greene County, Ohio courts that forced her and her son back to Ohio where she has no employment, no money or family. Her son was returned to her husband. Now she is a virtual prisoner in Ohio without money, as her husband has controlled her income, her career, and her life for 17 years.

PLEASE join us as we advocate and send a message to courts to STOP Re-VICTIMIZING those who have suffered abuse.

1. Women ARE NOT here to BE ABUSED

2. Courts PROTECT Victims not ReVictimize

3. Children should not be returned to abuser

4. Greene County, Ohio Courts protect Abusers