To give more students the opportunity to live and learn in Israel on TRY/USY High- where the classrooms have no walls, and the learning has no limits.

Every year, dozens of students are impacted by their experience of 2-4 months on TRY/USY High. Help us make sure that no student is turned away because of financial difficulties, and that all appropriate students can learn and grow with TRY/USY High.

1. To help students live and learn in Jerusalem- making the city their temporary home.

2. To give an amazing experience that prepares students for college and independent living- while still in high school.

3. To discover Israel inside and out, with all of its complexities.

4. To help create strong, developed Jewish identities, and cultivate Jewish leaders- of tomorrow and today.

5. Visit us: http://ramah.j-town.com/try/TRY