Petition: Ban Fracking Now

A new kind of gas drilling called fracking is killing animals across the country. Recently, fracking waste-water from a well next to a Louisiana farm resulted in 17 cows dead within an hour. Now, a new study from Cornell University is showing that fracking is…Read More

Ban All Trapping In America Now!

Hello Causes friends! This is a pledge I found and wanted to share it with you. Animals are still being trapped and left to suffer a painful death. This is an inhumane practice that should be stopped. Please take this pledge and help ban animal trapping!…Read More

Cause' sometimes people get a little out of hand.

I know how absoutley disgusting and volatile (sorry for the bad spelling) this is, and how wrong and fucked up it is that people do this. But, people commenting and saying how these kids should be killed ect. is really not the point of this cause. The point…Read More


about a week ago in calgary, there were a few guys shooting ducks and ducklings down by the bow. there were caught vodeotaping it. i'm not sure yet what type of punushment they recieved, but i will post more as i read.

Animal abuse,

i want this cause to reach across the world, if possible. ask everybody you know to join, something needs to be done.

Just to clear things up a bit.

This isn't just about how these two boys killed a cat. Its the fact that they wern't punished for it. Animals can't fight back ans defend themselves from this bllshit. If we don't try to at least change something then what do you thinks going to happen? The…Read More

their slap on the wrist.

the 15 year old boy was sentenced to 10 months probation, with a curfew between 6am and 9pm, and isn't allowed to talk to the other boy who killed the cat, or the family of the cat he killed.the 13 year old boy got 9 months probation. they both had to pay a…Read More
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