Back to Send the teens who murdered a cat/kitten in a microwave to jail.

Cause' sometimes people get a little out of hand.

I know how absoutley disgusting and volatile (sorry for the bad spelling) this is,
and how wrong and fucked up it is that people do this.
But, people commenting and saying how these kids should be killed ect.
is really not the point of this cause. The point isn't to say how much you want to kill
them and or put them in a microwave or beat the living shit out of them, its to try
and maybe in some way raise awareness and hopefully one day make some sort or
idk what, so that people that do this kind or horrendeous (again sorry for the spelling)
act get more then a slap on the wrist (a.k.a a small fine and some commutiny service)
So please stop with all of the "they should be put in a mircowave" stuff, i feel that way too,
but this is about the bigger picture.


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