We are Volunteer Designated Drivers, dedicated to proactively preventing all types of impaired driving. We drive you home in your own car.


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With your support, we will launch our service in Omaha, NE on 9/9/2010

All donations are tax deductible. Every dollar donated goes toward providing service to those in need. Donations cover gas for our cars, insurance, volunteer driver uniforms, etc. Please give to support our mission to eliminate drunk driving!

The Problem: Impaired Driving / Driving Under the Influence

“Impaired drivers continue to kill someone every 30 minutes, nearly 50 people a day, and almost 18,000 citizens a year.” (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Our research shows the top reasons for driving while impaired are; a lack of perceived options, a perceived need for people to have their car with them, the hassle of vehicle retrieval, and a lack of money to pay for taxi services.

The Solution: Safe Knights, Inc.

Eliminate the reasons for impaired individuals to risk exposure to arrests, convictions, or injury (to themselves or to the general public) by driving a motorized vehicle.

Our Mission as a 501(c)(3) non-profit social enterprise organization is dedicated to creating and implementing proactive programs to prevent all types of impaired driving.

Our Goal is to provide communities with the necessary tools that enable individuals to be responsible for their own actions and to provide assistance to children that have been orphaned or injured in impaired driving accidents.

To achieve this goal, we will raise a minimum of $15,000 in order to launch our life saving service on 9/9/10.

Our Core Activity provides a viable alternative to driving while impaired by utilizing non-profit social enterprise to generate funding to support our mission. Safe Knights, Inc. provides a year round program dedicated to driving impaired individuals AND their cars for them. The social enterprise model combines three different volunteer driver public services.

Our Objective is to raise money for our mission through a combination of traditional fundraising efforts and a social enterprise model that protects the general public by preventing impaired driving tragedies before they happen.

The Strategy: A “Driver by Donation” Public Service

Centrally dispatched, Safe Knights, Inc. drivers work in teams of two. Upon request, one Safe Knights driver drives an impaired customer home in the customers own vehicle while the other Safe Knights driver follows in a ‘chase car’. Safe and less than the cost of a round-trip taxi, this public service effectively eliminates the excuse of not designating a driver.

Our Funding relies heavily on corporate sponsorship from bars, restaurants and other businesses in addition to membership and service donations from individuals. The core activity of Safe Knights serves the dual purpose of earning income to support our mission while stopping impaired driving before it can happen.