To establish a lasting institution which produces scholars of classical Islamic thought; for the purpose contributing to the improvement of the human condition given the challenges of the modern age.

As stated above, our goal is to establish an institution of higher learning, which is dedicated to the following principles in design and execution:
-Teaching classical Islamic creed
-Featuring a complete, programmatic curriculum
-Featuring primarily full-time faculty across various disciplines.
-Featuring students who have made a full-time, multi-year commitment to scholarship
-Designed to efficiently, repeatably and sustainably produce Modern Muslim Theologians

1. Foster Understanding – facilitate better understanding of Islam given its prominent role in the context of the world events in order to bridge unnecessary gaps

2. Challenges of Modern Society – leverage the Islamic tradition to provide alternatives and solutions to contemporary challenges of issues

3. Renewal – connecting Muslims back to their traditions in order to better their lives and allow the passage of this legacy