To Stop Police, MI5 and British Government Cover-Up in Martin's 1991 kidnapping and 1999 attempted murder cases by IRA terrorists.

The Police in Northern Ireland (PSNI) and in England (Northumbria Police) have not charged anyone with Martin's 1991 kidnapping as well as his 1999 attempted murder.

We, the friends of Martin McGartland, support his right to truth and justice!

We must find a way to stop Police, Mi5, British Government cover-up Martin's 1991 kidnapping and 1999 attempted murder cases, both of which were carried out by convicted IRA terrorists.

1. PSNI, Northumbria Police, MI5 and the British Government are protecting convicted IRA terrorists who were behind Msrtin's Kidnapping, shooting

2. Please spread awareness as much as possible. We demand truth. We demand Justice in Martin's cases.

3. Martin McGartland should not have to suffer for the heroic work that he has done. Let us all SPREAD the word and show our full support!

4. Let's make sure everyone knows the true story. Let us unite and fight for his rights, for truth and justice and no more cover-ups.