Words of the Day: BULLY/Maggott/Worm

There are many different definations of the word "Bully", on of my favorite A thug, a hired ruffin. Someone who thrives on power and is habitually cruel and abusive. Synonyms: tormenter, aggressor, persecutor, tyrant, oppressor, intimidator.

Definition of the word Maggott: includes: somebody despicable: somebody who is despised

Definition of the word worm: Includes: A person regarded as pitiable or contemptible.

Hmmm seems that these 3 words have some commonality.... I sat in a lecture today that was being given by a High School Princial who, referred to Bullies by these names. Thought it was interesting and looked up the definations.

Bullies do need to be stood up to. They can not be empowered further by the sick thrill that they get by verbally or physically acting somone. It's like fire, take away the oxygen and the fire can not thrive. Take away the power and the bully can not progress. Yes, it is very hard to stand up to a bully, especially in todays times.They hang with their "gang" or the weaker ones that go along with the Bully to make their own life easier.

But you have to. Go to the Principal, a teacher, your parent, another parent, older sibling, anyone. Just stand up. Yes, there may be consequences, yet, you have to take a stand for yourself. Not with violence. But with your voice. Every time there is a problem, report it.

Students need to stand tall and be the extinguisher and freeze out the power from bullies. Most bullies are Jealous and are VERY INSECURE in them selves. Alot of this comes from the home, overbearing father, kid doesnt meet his expectations, mother not caring, too busy with her own live. Just need the kid for a tax deduction. yet you wonder how is it that NO ONE OF AUTHORITY in the school has not seen this "bullying" type behavior. "He's a hothead" "He's just stupid". Those are some responses you may hear. yes, he is, but why does someone in their adolesence have so much built up hostilty? You think this is ok? Where is the referral to the counselor to do a further investigation of what is causing this behavior?

So, the teachers, counselors and principals have a part of empowering a bully also. Parents are major empowers of this also.

But, people do care, and I want people in this cause to care, reach out and offer a safehaven to someone you see being bullied. Report it to the proper authority. Step Up. Bullies will back off once they found out that they have lost their power.

The worst thing one can do is just stand bye. When you do that, the bully gains control over you too.

Please stand up and make your voices heard. Go to your Superintendant's, the school board, Prinicpal, teachers, Coaches. EVERYONE NEEDS A VOICE>>> And we are hear for you. Bullying hurts, yet, it is a treatable. Believe in yourself. You are loved....

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