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it is our duty to fight against these type of social abnormalities.... sound of one can not be heard.....but sounds of thousands must be heard.........its our victory........

this is by australian govt.....

What is endosulfan? Endosulfan is an organochlorine compound registered for use in Australia as an insecticide in agricultural and horticultural crops for the control of a variety of insects and mites. Current issues The APVMA cancelled the approvals and…Read More

Endosulfan Banned Worldwide

The pesticide endosulfan will be banned in 2012 except for certain exempted uses, under an agreement struck April 29 by more than 170 countries. Endosulfan can cause neurological and reproductive problems in farmworkers and wildlife and can persist in the…Read More

Kerala chief minister takes endosulfan issue to Delhi.Kasargod in Kerala & south Karnataka are worst affected

The ongoing 'ban-endosulfan' campaign will get shriller on Saturday with Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan scheduled to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with the demand. Back home, many organisations have been building up their campaign like never…Read More

Kerala seeks aid for endosulfan victims

The Kerala government has decided to seek an aid of Rs 100 crore from the Union government for the rehabilitation of the people affected by the aerial spraying of endosulfan at a state-owned cashew plantation in the northern district of Kasargod. After the…Read More

fight for them!!!!!

As the plantations are in a mountainous area, the pesticide residues settled on the soil and got washed away when it rained into drinking water streams below. It is mandatory to cover all water sources like wells, tanks and other water bodies during the…Read More

never be blind!!! just look around us!!!!

Welcome to Kerala-God’s own country. That is how toursists worldwide know it. But, sometimes, names can be really misleading. Take for instance, this area in Kasaragod district in the picture postcard state. It is called Swarga. In Hindi and Malayalam, Swarga…Read More
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