Raising Funds for Adoption

2500 people donating $10.00 can bring Nathan home! My sister Becky and her husband Randy are pastors on Lower Brule Indian Reservation. She is a special education teacher and they are trying to adopt a baby boy from Eastern Europe who has Down Syndrome. See their adoption journey at http://jensenadoptionjourney.blogspot.com. They need your help! If Nathan is not adopted he could be sent to an institution and could die there from the very difficult environment. All adoptions in this Eastern European region are closing, so this will be his last chance. Your $10.00 donation is tax deductable through Reese's Rainbow or you can send your donation to the South Dakota Assemblies of God District Council http://www.sdag.org/about/contact.php. Please join this cause if you would be willing to help spread the word and please give as God leads you.

1. Down Syndrome

2. Adoption

3. http://prministries.net/lowerbrule.htm

4. http://jensenadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/

5. http://www.sdag.org/about/contact.php.