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Aarey Photo Contest

Dear All, Pls share & participate in Aarey Conservation Photo contest if you have clicked in Past Details : - Thanks

Aarey Marathon on 16th Dec

Benches in Aarey

We have successfully collected money for 3 Benches to be placed in Aarey, in locations where earlier old benches are worned out. We await for 3 more donations to make a order of total 6 Benches (as minimum 6 benches are compulsory for them to be shipped in a…Read More

Want to see animal Life in Aarey by 2020? or Will it be too late?

Whatever remains in Aarey still houses good Wildlife. Its time to act & do our bit to save Wildlife of India, even a smallest start will be a start. Kindly Click on the Link for sure!!!…Read More

The DHOBLE / RR Patil / NCP's Taliban

Message from MUMBAI UNITE FB GROUP: - It's someone's birthday..don't gift them alcohol or you will put them in trouble in the same way don't take...Even if it's your wedding party watch out your guest will fall in trouble for drinking permit or you possessing…Read More

Benches at Aarey

Hello All, We are planning to Buy 4 Stone Benches for Aarey at Locations where the Existing benches have broken. I may be paying for 1-2, if anyone interested in contributing for a bench, do get in touch - approx cost of 1 bench - INR 2500/-. Contact me -…Read More
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