Sign Avaaz petition: Support the new Swedish Govt to recognise the state of Palestine

Sweden´s new elected prime minister announced in his inaugurationspeech that Sweden will recognise the state of Palestine. Please show your support to the Swedish government. Tell them that the world is supporting a free Palestine state. Sign the petition:…Read More

Why we must end Gaza's blockade? Because Gaza cannot become this decade "Hunger Games"

Gershon Baskin, founder and Co Chairman of IPCRI (Israel Palestine Centre for Research and Information published this analysis on his Facebook page: "The Blockade - this is a point I would like to clarify about the Gaza blockade that no one seems to…Read More

Israeli soldiers: and the truth shall set you free

While we see the horrible images and videos of dead women and children, scattered body parts, razed buildings coming out of Gaza, let us keep our focus on the reason for this new war: the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians - 80% of Gazans are not from Gaza!…Read More

A brief visit to a tunnel in Gaza

Steve Sosebee, CEO of Palestine Children Relief Fund (PCRF) visited a Gaza tunnel in Rafah last year before this senseless war. This is what he says he saw: "There's a lot of talk now of tunnels in Gaza. Last year I took a break from one of our surgery teams…Read More

Why I stand with the people of Gaza

Naomi Wolf, author of many books, wrote the following on Facebook yesterday. It is being widely shared; she gave us permission to publish. Wolf is part of a rising chorus of folks who are describing the latest Israeli onslaught as genocide: "Challenged below…Read More

I repeat: It's the occupation stupid!

For all those arguing about the Palestinian Israeli conflict may I ask you to pose for 2 minutes and remember the occupation. It's the occupation stupid that has led us to 3 Gaza wars, suicide bombings, kidnappings and murders. Whoever thinks otherwise…Read More

Peace Happens when ... (Part 2)

Continued from Peace Happens (Part 1) - My story with Batsheva In the meantime as year by year goes by, the Palestinian people hold on to memories while fighting back, while resisting a direct occupation in the West Bank and an indirect one – an open air…Read More
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