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George Brandis" It's the Occupation, stupid"

Say no to George Brandis denying the existence of Israeli occupation. How far has Australia's political body fallen?

Most importantly how far have we the Palestinians fallen? from a liberation movement to a wandering divided people helping the Israelis convince the world like Australia that there is no occupation. Our leaders named ministers are nothing but de facto mayors without any authority. The Israeli army can detain children as young as five in the middle of the night, demolish houses, grab people's land against their will, empty home by home to replace Aarbs with new Jewish migrants, humiliate Palestinians at the hundreds of checkpoints across Palestine, and the cruellest of all tear up our thousand year old olive trees. And George Brandis is adamant there is no occupation?

Wake up Palestinians and speak with one voice and say to Brandis: "mate, my people are being smashed, humilaiated, tortured and imprisoned. My land is being pillaged for the occupiers exclusive use, and you still say there is no occupation? Shame on you Brandis you call yourself a man of the law. Law is about justice for all not for the super duper rich and powerful. Shame this is not Australia that I came to live fleeing the brutal Israeli occupation and you took me in, gave me dignity and made me feel like a respectable human being. Now I feel betrayed because not only I know the truth that the occupation exists, I lived it, I tasted it and I dont like it.

Instead of calling for peace and reconciliation, instead of calling for the 2 state solution, instead of calling for any solution that would end Palestinian and Israeli suffering (occupied and occupier are both locked in a psychologial cycle of suffering too), Brandis is calling for more denial and more dispossesion. Shame this is not Australia that represents me.

I stand with my steadfast Palestinian people everywhere and say; Enough humiliation enough lies. It's the OCCUPATION Stupid!"

Please do the same and write to him and say NO


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