What is your favorite musical tribute to the military?

We must, as American's and human beings never forget our fallen soldiers who so diligently stand guard over others as well as their own. I salute you!! http://www.causes.com/actions/1727010-what-is-your-favorite-musical-tribute-to-the-military

Thank you!

Okay everyone, we are starting to evolve here, but we need you to invite your friends and tell them to invite their friends. Together, we can see Trevor's dream become reality. He, we, can not accomplish this with out team work. So during this Holiday season,…Read More


Thank you for your time in helping Trevor see his dream come true. Lolita has become a part of his life and I am here to help him and her. Please take the time to be a part of this young man's warriorhood.

Let Lolita Live

Hello people, wanted to let you know Trevor needs more friends to help with his dream to see Lolita Live again. Please take the time to ask your friends to join in this very worthy cause. Thank you for all you do. Anita

Okay we are making some head way here for Trevor and his lovely Lolita. But we need more, so get your friends involved too.

Hello every one and almost Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your support, Trevor and his Lolita need every bit of it and more. Can you get your friends and their friends involved. It only takes a moment and you would be doing something wonderful, especially…Read More
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