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One of the biggest hurdles in teaching the world about Ukraine is an ignorance of its history. Awareness of the Ukrainian Genocide is central to understanding the issues facing Ukraine today. The Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation (UGFF), a Chicago-based 501(c)3 nonprofit, is committed to raising awareness of this genocide as it informs attitudes and policies towards today’s Ukraine.

As you know, the Ukrainian Genocide is one of the least known tragedies of the 20th century. In the years following the Soviet Union's annexation of Ukraine, millions of people were murdered and the region was forever altered.

The effects of the Ukrainian Genocide are still being felt today. Though Ukraine has been independent for 25 years, decades of Russificaion and Soviet policies have left a deep stain. Today, two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the country is facing a new wave of genocidal policies. As Ukrainian-Americans, we cannot stand by and see history repeat itself.

Following the lead of other communities who have suffered from genocide, this campaign intends to finance a billboard to bring awareness of this tragedy to the largest audience possible. The UGFF is working with Outfront Media, one of the largest outdoor media companies in North America, to post two billboards along I-290 and I-90/ 294 near Chicago. Standing along the busiest interstate highways in the Midwest, the two proposed billboard sites reach a combined 1.4 million impressions per week.

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