Petition the governments of the world and the United Nations to take action against the enablers of the 1932-1933 genocide in Ukraine, also for awareness.

With people being carted off and killed, up to 12 million people starved to death more than 25% of the population. Soviets started worrying that their targeting of Ukrainians would be discovered by the rest of the world. After all in the 1930’s the Soviet Union was becoming recognized as world power. Toward the end of the Terror Famine the government started utilizing mass graves and burnings of people, many who where still alive. To this day mass graves of the famine are being found in Ukraine.

This Terror famine is often called the Holodomor, which is derived from the Ukrainian words for Hunger and Plague. Only in the past 15 years since Ukraine’s independence did the Holodomor emerge into the public eye. Since then the question has emerged, was the Holodomor genocide? Did Stalin specifically target Ukrainians as an ethnic nation? Survivors and activists say yes! This was genocide! Stalin was worried that the national identity of the Ukrainian SSR as Ukraine, when popular in the 1920s would harm the Bolshevik ideals and lead to revolt. Ukrainianization was embraced by Lenin, who thought a free nation would advance communism. Moreover, Ukraine worried Stalin because of its rich soil and prosperous economy, and that during the 1917 Russian revolution Ukraine was an independent entity. All these factors lead Stalin to inflict Genocide on the Ukrainian people.

To this day more evidence is dug up, so far 26 countries claim that the Holodomor’s 7 to 11 million victims died of genocide. Still the Russian federation refuses to acknowledge the famine as genocide. Recently the now-legal Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church have re buried hundreds of thousands of victims of the best cover up in European History.

1. Letting the world know about this genocide so the 7-14 million lives lost won't be forgotten.

2. Adding the story of this genocide to first world history books.